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Trading With Order Flow

By February 22, 2018Blog
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It has been an exciting journey the last few years meeting and learning from some of the greatest and some of the not so greatest traders out there. By the time I joined the world of traders, a lot of people said, Day Trading is dead, it does not exist like it use too. And I know everyone meant something by it, but what?

As I learned mostly on a technical side of trading, there of course were always the traders that traded in styles that doubted and didn’t believe in technicals. My mentor and a good friend in the online trading community told me, “Peter, if they believe their trading style is the way, then they are right.”

By now what dawned on me was that he was right. Why does an order flow prop trader believe charts suck? Why does a technical trend trader still believe his/her strategy still works.

Maybe because it all comes down to how time-frames and trading within the said time frame change the way trading works and beliefs. Coming from a Macro point of view where we have large investment and long term traders, with weekly, monthly, and daily price action, down lower to swing traders, and into the day time world of day traders into a much more microscopic view. But what is the Microscopic intraday view of the markets? And what has gotten it’s reputation through the last decade played out to be the most highest electronically traded sectors out there. From quants, to Algorithms, and servers of order flow rules based trading filling the liquidity and pulling on set triggers.

People feel and make rumors when they loose that algo’s took them out, etc. It really is just a whole different level of trading and being able to look and see what is going on in this smaller time-frame, micro moments of intraday traders. Using tools like Order Flow from companies like Jigsaw Order Flow, help you see a true, rich, and real understanding of where momentum can shift, where technical analysis can be confirmed, and where breakouts look like they are failing and buyers or sellers are getting trapped far before you can see it anywhere else on charts. I like technical charts and respect them because I know a lot of retail traders and large institutions are still reading the context this way. So there must be some logic there. But if you have the time, which is hard for most of us full time workers, and passionate traders to really sit there, and trade intraday, you really should consider giving Jigsaw’s Order Flow Tools a shot.

For more information on this tools and get an invitation for a money back 14 day test drive of highly rated software email us at support@fortetrader.com and we will send you more information.

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