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Futures Pro V2 Swing/Spread Trading Version 2

By April 10, 2020 Blog

Hi Traders.   

Peter, here with Fortetrader.   Let me tell you what we’re working on. So in the last two years we offered a Futures Spread Trading Course. It was one in which we emphasized  mostly about seasonality. How’d you get into all these future trades and opportunities with seasonality trends and repeat patterns? That is what we learned and applied.  But guess what? Seasonality doesn’t always happen. Seasonality tends to get broken by things like what’s going on today, disease, famine, geopolitics, severe change of weather even people tweeting stuff. 

It changes everything guys and gals. So here’s what I’ve done, I’m creating a new Version that we’ve been doing actually in our camp this last couple of weeks. And it’s been great!  This is going to be called the Futures Pro V2. Now in this program I will add to the old and take some old stuff that is irrelevant out. We will emphasize more on the technical aspects and approaches of the markets.  

Second Change.  Now normally we have a Facebook Inner Circle, okay? It’s a small, tight niche group of people, of traders that are trading seasonal spreads. 

We’re going to migrate that group into a Discord group. A little private online community away from the FB Media Platform.

Once I’m done with that, I’m going to go more into these videos about our new charting technologies that we’re using. Things like TradingView. Check out a free trial for 30 days here.  

There’s a lot of tech guys out there. We have an arsenal of tech friends that are helping us build things that are automated, buy and  sell signals, even automated plotting tools. Aren’t you guys interested in that? A lot of people have been. 

We have a partnership with Tradestation brokerage. Amazing,  global powerhouse brokerage. And they have given us free access to an algorithmic trading, state of the art platform that normally costs you $500 per month if you were to lease this on your own. They are giving us free CME Globex data (normally $21-$30 per month) FREE,  and no inactivity fees for not using the platform for live trading, all while using their simulation platform again for free. No other broker offers this type of technology to utilize discounted futures span margins and place active ratio spreads. It’s insane.  

The strategies that we are going to be learning in V2 are diverse.  From Spread trading Systems integrated into seasonality and even Forex in our bonus section just to give you a teaser.  Futures Pro V2 is going to be the last place you will need to find a trading home. 

As another bonus, I will be showing you a quant style trading strategy that I self discovered later to find that Quantitative firms trade secretly like this.  We’re going to spread trade with them, okay? And these are what quantitative machines do. We’re going to be doing this stuff, taking advantage of these things that hardly anybody knows even exists. 

Best thing is Tradestation is offering a special 100% Rebate off our futures subscription for Futures Pro V2, so this is all eventually going to be free! 

In addition I personally write a check every time we get a new subscriber for 10% that goes to handpicked humanitarian, environmental, and animal care groups.  These groups have been hand picked to ensure that their proceeds have over a 96 percent rate to the cause not the owners pockets.

You get a 100% rebate. We give it to causes and services to make sure you get better at or start with good trading skills.

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So it’s going to be pretty cool. We’re looking forward to this. 

This is what I’m personally working on in the next week or two for this launch.  I am setting the course to a changing environment around us and the markets, to get everybody in here to be able to make this kind of success in your trading career. Be efficient, consistent and profitable.

Trade Safe Out There and get on our Mailing List For Updates!