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      I would like to introduce you all to the general forum.  Because for the meantime as you read this there is no full time monitor, I ask you all to keep things in respect to one another.  This is a community to help network with one another and build, assist, advise each other and share experiences.  Yes Forte Trader originally was set up to be an academy.  However at the moment for decisions made between myself and  a senior trader we made a responsible decision to hold off teaching aspects until we bring on a senior trader who is committed and qualified full time to address specific topic training.  We are Futures and Options biased here but open to hearing topic requests from other groups and learn. We feel keeping an open forum brings all styles of trading to the table, thus if you are asking why there may be places that use the words "academy" in our logos, we have also made the decision to keep it.  Why?  Whether paid or free an academy is a place where we wish to see us all grow together.  To the small group who participated in our courses in the past I thank you, we all thank you.  We feel this group will grow stronger quicker if we keep it more like a comradery.
      So let's get some topics going shall we?
      You can enter the topic list by clicking above link "Discussion Entry Forum" and you will see a list of topics created by us all.  Please be mindful to not duplicate a topic.  If you want to create one there you can create a topic on the bottom of that direct page, and reply to topics under their relevant links.  Have fun, and again please be mindful and respect other human trader here.
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    • 3 months ago

       Peter k